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What I'm doing now & the next Frame

2009-02-18 17:30:50 by Voiceover

~What I'm doing now~

After a monthlong absence from submitting to Newgrounds altogether (save for a few updates to Frame 4), I've started submitting some audio. I've taken a liking to my own variation of the blues (available to listeners here and here) and some negatively received Indian-flavored rock that I removed due to a score of 1.45.

In addition to that, I've just joined a collab called It Looked Better on Paper. It's a movie about inventions that didn't or wouldn't work. My invention has to do with Twitter, safety, and telepathy.


~The next Frame~

I've been toying around with some stuff and learned some rather useful things, including:

The magic of clipping masks
How to better produce music
Converting images to vectors

The first and last of those three has propelled me to the decision that I want Frame 5 to come out soon, and that it must be fancy. In fact, Frame 5 (the second collaborative movie in the series, if I may add) is in the pre-pre-production stage as of now. The next installment will fix errors that plagued the visual appeal of the previous Frames (particularly Frame 4 - look at the menu for a better explanation). I'll be starting a thread in the BBS to officially begin the collaboration in the coming months.


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2009-03-05 00:20:42

Could I reserve a spot in Frame 5 now? Or do I need to wait and try to beat the hordes?