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Haven't there already been a lot of these before? I've seen at least two "Creep" videos using covers aside from this one. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable.

Ticketyt0ck responds:

Yea, I actually got the idea from one of those Creep videos with the acoustic cover.


This just screams "Turd of the Week."

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Making fun of our mouse?

1. We have four buttons (left, right, scroll button, squeeze) and a scroll ball
2. You're using a picture of an old mouse. We got a new one in 2006.

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Grumio responds:

No one cares. Lolol.

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1. It's simple.
2. The graphics fit the game style
3. The graphics progress with Insanity

Another thing I'd like to comment on is the scoring. Though the game is somewhat difficult at first, creating a strategy gets you a very good score. Don't complain if you get 200 at first. Eventually, I was able to get upwards of 500.

John, you should make a Luminara/Sixty series. And happy birthday.

Good, but there's one major problem.

The balls that keep pushing the car back make the game too frustrating and difficult by level three.

God, but...

You'd get much much vote and review scores if you put all the seasons into one Four Seasons game.

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Thanks for the BPM upgrade.

St0rmChaser responds:

yw ;) u were right.
this does sound better.

take care,


Maybe we should start 5-bombing it.

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St0rmChaser responds:

Hey man :D

Yea !! that would be an awesome idea !!!.
heheh. to bad most of the people here, 0 bomb songs with loads of work in it,
and 5 bomb songs with low ratings and crappy sound...
Im glad that you liked it but still 5'ed it :D

But thanks for the revolution anyway :D i will support you when time has come :P
and thx for the review ;)

take care,

It's good

as darknessdweller said, as an ambiance song, but 1:33 seems a bit long for an intro. If this is a stem for trance, it should intensify a few seconds after :50, at the latest.

St0rmChaser responds:

Thanks for the review, and
Thanks a LOT for giving it an entry in your flash submission :D.
I couldnt even think about my song in a flash submission :P
so thanks for that.

This song was only submitted on newgrounds so that i could gain some criticm for my song. i deleted it on purpose, because i had a newer version of my song, : this one :P.

i think i will finish it in the weekend, or perhaps next week monday or tuesday.
i wil keep this song alive for you.

thanks again, and Cheers

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