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Dot! 2.0 Launched

2008-05-08 20:41:15 by Voiceover

I changed my mind, it's a complete revamp on Dot!, more or less. Even the first part isn't done, though.

Working on Dot! 2

2008-04-21 17:48:23 by Voiceover

It's really just going to be an expansion of the original, since it's blammed.
My first submission got blammed...
It was way better than some peoples' firsts

Deluxe Edition

2008-02-21 16:27:58 by Voiceover

I'm getting the Deluxe Edition on Panic At The Disco's new album, Pretty. Odd.

Editing my stuff

2008-02-12 03:52:58 by Voiceover

If anyone who has a Mac and iLife '08 would like to remix or build upon any of my music, I will be keeping .aif files ready for use with GarageBand, with all tracks separated. All audio submissions starting with Touch will be available in m4a, mp3, and aif.


2008-01-27 13:23:44 by Voiceover

My parents just ordered me one!


2008-01-26 10:18:51 by Voiceover

Probably getting a MacBook, but I won't be able to upgrade the graphics.


2007-12-27 12:29:51 by Voiceover

I got new software, and two copies of Guitar Hero. I'm gonna return one and buy a music keyboard with the money.

Leaving this house. Again.

2007-12-09 16:20:19 by Voiceover

And going to my dad's house, where my computer is broken beyond repair.

See you in three and a half weeks.

I submitted another song.

2007-11-25 20:01:01 by Voiceover

It's better than Leisure, despite the partly lower ratings. Downloaded 4 times, voted on 14 times, 70-something views, good reviews.

I submitted another song.

do you think I should make another song? I'll need some samples, so email me some if you have any that work. I'm thinking something fairly slow, but a bit faster than my first submission. probably mostly drum kits, with the piano loop from Diamonds and Guns (by Transplants) in the background. I might even just rearrange the song itself.

BTW check out my fave pokemon... Emo Vulpix! Yay!

So I won't have much to do tomorrow,