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My first submission

2007-11-23 14:03:28 by Voiceover

is available now.

My first submission

Posting a lot on Apple forums.

2007-10-28 00:15:10 by Voiceover

Join me, my Apple ID is Camisado13.

My personal site will launch in four or five months.

Inbox isn't working.

2007-10-15 23:23:26 by Voiceover

Says I'm logged out.

I'm looking for a vocal track

2007-10-15 20:06:35 by Voiceover

for Time Won't Let Me Go to use with Back Home. Does anyone have a URL for me?

and do some audio work. I might put the vocals of Time Won't Let Me Go (The Bravery) over the music of Back Home (dj-pope)

The only problem is that I don't know ow to use Flash.

Coming this week, hopefully:

2007-10-14 14:10:27 by Voiceover

Stop animation! Just random stuff moving around. It won't be on flash though, I don't have any programs. I'll probably do it on Powerpoint with links, or I'll just put it on Windows Movie Maker. Don't expect too much from me for about six months, or until I get Flash.